The Pyrenean Shepherd is a loose-eyed herding and tending breed; he is a jack-of-all-trades.  When the farmer is out tending his flock, his little sheepdog is with him.   His purpose was to take the sheep, with the shepherd, back and forth to the grazing pastures each day and to aid the farmer in working with the flock management. These pastures are usually not fenced so some tending is also required.    He is also useful as an alarm system as nothing escapes his gaze and he is quick to bark a warning.  He generally works close to the flock with little direction given by the shepherd.   At the barn the farmer will also use his Pyr Shep to sort out individuals in the flock for milking or other purposes.  The Pyr Shep is a versatile all-purpose farm dog. The breed’s focus is his master so when you walk away from the livestock, your Pyr Shep will follow.  When you are working with livestock and he sees you need his assistance he is quick to try and help out.  When herding he uses  his liveliness,  to control the sheep successfully (unlike the Border Collies use of strong eye contact).  The herding instinct is still very strong in all Pyr Sheps.  Some shepherds would not have any other breed except the  berger des pyrenees.

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